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Back "Down Under" from "Up Over" 

Back from a 5 week stint in wonderful Austria, that included a long weekend in Germany for the Australian Stamtisch Frankfurt where we caught up with Dieter, Elvira, Rudi, Uta and the other generous Australian Travel enthusiasts. The show in the Zehntscheune was particularly tough one, with being down with a cold, but the warmth and response from the crowd made the night one to remember for Me. Thank you, or should I say veilen dank, Elvira & Dieter for the booking and organising the show. The decorations included a 3 piece, mannequin Aussie band complete with Akubras, Aussie flags, didgeridoos, sand, rocks and a fire.

I also had gigs organised by my Austrian manager around Graz. The Gleisdorf Kultur Kellar was great as was the return to the St Marein bei Graz Theke where Lizzy and Her team greeted us with wonderful, warm hospitality. Thank you Helmut for the PA, your Didj & percussion.

Gearing up and looking forward to the Tamworth Country Music Festival 2020 and hoping that people can still get along and have some fun for a little bit of respite from the current bushfire crisis that's been taking lives, houses, stock & other property. We need rain please.

Local gigs coming up at Berowra RSL & The Anglers Rest in February so catch you soon, Steve.

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